Refreshed Citroën C3 Delivers Even More Personality

Refreshed Citroën C3 Delivers Even More Personality

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The refreshed Citroën C3 strengthens its offering by dialling up the charisma and charm with its unique design, colourful personality and Citroën comfort.

The C3 continues to adhere to the "Inspired By You" design philosophy that caters to the brand's desire to stand apart from the crowd and appeal to young urban creatives who seek to express their individual personality.

This tailored approach has proven to be a success, with over 750,000 sales globally since the introduction of the 3rd generation Citroën C3 in 2016.

New specifications for the Citroën C3 include:

  • Redesigned Airbump™ feature
  • Addition of front parking sensors
  • New interior trim - "Emerald"
  • Advanced comfort seating
  • New design 16" "Helix" alloy wheels
  • Additional exterior colours - "Spring Blue" and "Artic Steel"
  • Additional roof colour – "Emerald"
  • Eco LED daytime running lights
  • New rear quarter panel pattern

Representing outstanding value, the Citroën C3 remains priced at $28,990*, despite the addition of valuable specification.

Kate Gillis, General Manager Peugeot Citroen Australia, said: "The Citroen C3 has always been the perfect choice for those who want their vehicle to reflect their personality and style.

"With this facelift, the C3's distinctive style reaches new heights and continues to deliver on key driver expectations in relation to technology and comfort."

A bold design
The refreshed Citroën C3's front end design is inspired by the CXPERIENCE Concept. The C3 stays true to its distinctive style whilst ushering in a new signature look that further enhances its bold presence.

Contributing to the exterior design changes are 16" "Helix" alloy wheels, redesigned Airbump™ feature and rear quarter panel pattern plus new LED headlights.

Airbumps™ are a design feature combining style with function. Fitted on the lower door panels of the all-new C3, they enhance its looks and provide real day-to-day protection for the bodywork.

Redesigned, they are made up of a set of 3 capsules positioned at the bottom of the door, featuring a coloured surround that matches the Colour Pack.

The new rear quarter panel patterns, with a shape reminiscent of the design of the capsules at the Airbump™, underline the graphic consistency of the car and further establish its profile and dynamic stance.

The side view further enhances its modern design. Large wheels, wing extenders and Airbump™ underline the strong and robust character of the vehicle.

The addition of two new exterior colours – "Spring Blue" and "Artic Steel" – further enhance the personality of the C3, along with the addition of the "Emerald" roof colour.

In addition to the original interior, which highlights a clean look, the refreshed C3 is available in a new interior colour design, Emerald.

The Emerald interior offers a more dynamic interior that contrasts between dark colours and Emerald coloured touches. A technical textile (3D mesh) with a "dynamic" look adorns the upholstery and the dashboard surround and coloured fabric strips exude quality and deliver visual continuity.

Citroën Advanced Comfort
Applying the Citroën Advanced Comfort design, the refreshed Citroën C3 further enhances comfort without compromise.

Citroën's distinctive form of comfort is elevated to a new dimension thanks to carefully crafted advanced comfort seats: a 100% Citroën innovation.

Featuring a specific padded design (increased from 2mm to 15mm in thickness), a reinforced structure and exceptional lumbar support, these generous seats are both visually and physically comfortable.

Agile, compact and versatile, this 5-door hatch asserts its driving style thanks to the comfort of its suspension and the benefits of a cocoon effect that filters the outside world and insulates passengers from the road.

Driving aids bolster safety and convenience
Guided by the Citroën Advanced Comfort programme, the design of refreshed C3 highlights the ergonomics of controls, showcasing driving information and intuitive technologies.

Inspired by its customers and their way of experiencing the car, C3 makes life easier every day thanks to its range of comfort as well as safety equipment.

The Citroën C3 offers a variety of driver assistance technologies that are useful for a hassle-free driving experience:

  • Front Parking Sensors - Designed for easier urban driving, the refreshed C3 offers the addition of front park assist sensors that are triggered in the form of an audible warning.
  • Hands-free Entry - The vehicle recognises the driver as they approach, allowing you to lock/unlock your car with the keys in your pocket.
  • Active Safety Braking - This emergency braking system intervenes with the aim to reduce the speed of impact or avoid a collision. It operates from 5km/h with fixed or moving objects and with pedestrians. If there is no driver reaction after the collision risk warning, the system automatically slows the vehicle.
  • Coffee Break Alert - The system warns the driver when it is time to take a break, after two hours of non-stop driving at more than 65km/h.
  • Driver Attention Alert - Using camera technology, this system assesses the driver's vigilance by identifying the trajectory deviations in relation to the road markings, at speeds above 65km/h.
  • Reverse Camera with Parking Sensors - When reverse gear is engaged, the camera displays the rear view on the main screen, offering a real expanded view, including static and dynamic indication lines, to make manoeuvring easier.
  • Hill-Start Assist - Operating both when facing uphill or downhill, this system prevents the undesired movement of the vehicle on a slope when the brake pedal is released and acts on slopes greater than 3% by stabilising the car for 2 seconds.
  • Using camera technology, this system is used to combat drowsiness or a simple moment of inattention, when driving at speeds above 60km/h. If the vehicle crosses a solid or broken line without the turn signal having been activated, the system triggers a warning. An audio and visual alert is issued when the line is crossed.
  • Blind Spot Monitoring - This system indicates, via a warning lamp and pictogram in the exterior mirrors, the presence of a vehicle in the blind spot area of the vehicle. Working on the same ultrasonic principle as rear parking sensors, this function represents a major safety benefit on urban motorways.
  • Speed Limit Sign Recognition - This system recognises speed limit signs and notifies the driver within the instrument panel. In addition to the driver advice, the speed can be adopted as a setpoint for the cruise control/speed limiter.
  • Cruise Control/Speed Limiter - When activated at speeds above 40km/h, the cruise control system automatically maintains the vehicle speed programmed by the driver, without using the accelerator pedal. When activated at speeds above 30km/h, the speed limiter system prevents the vehicle from exceeding the programmed speed whilst using the accelerator pedal.

The refreshed Citroën C3 cements its reputation for standing apart from the crowd thanks to its distinctive and bold design, unique Advanced Comfort and commitment to safety and convenience driver technologies.

Paint Colours
Polar White/Red Roof, Artic Steel/White Roof^, Elixir Red/Black Roof^, Spring Blue/Black Roof^, Polar White/Emerald Roof^, Perla Nera Black/Red Roof^

^Metallic paint option $690 MLP*

All new Citroën C3s come with Citroën's five-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty, five-year roadside assistance and five-year Service Price Promise program.

* Prices are Peugeot Citroen Australia Manufacturer's List Prices only and include GST on the list price but exclude dealer delivery charges and all other government and statutory charges. For the drive away price of Peugeot Citroen vehicles, consumers should be advised to contact their local authorised Peugeot Citroen dealer.

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