Jarvis is proud to provide a wide range of Insurance products for our customers.

With everything from Loan Protection and Guaranteed Asset Protection right through to Motor Vehicle Insurance, we are sure to have products to suit your needs.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

GAP covers you if in the event your vehicle is written off due to an accident or stolen and not recovered. In some circumstances, a gap may still exist between the amount your insurer pays and the outstanding balance on your vehicle finance contract. You may also be faced with additional costs to buy a replacement vehicle. GAP cover is available to provide support in these situations.

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Loan Protection Cover

In the case where you have financed your vehicle but are off work for an extended period of time due to serious illness or accidental injury, or following involuntary unemployment, Loan Protection Cover is here to assist. It will help in meeting your repayments according to your finance contract up to the maximum cover you have chosen.

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Motor Vehicle Insurance

It is always better to be prepared and that’s where Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance comes in. Be comprehensively covered for accidental loss or damage.

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Warranty Insurance

Occasionally customers find themselves with an unexpected mechanical failure. Depending on the kind of failure, this may result in a substantial unplanned financial outlay. We have a warranty insurance product available, designed to provide cover similar to the manufacturer’s warranty and after it has ended.

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