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Jarvis Customer Reviews 9.7 / 10

3358 Testimonials

Ford Falcon Experience | 04/08/2015

Great service, Ryan from Parts was extremely helpful as was the gentleman in service. Will continue to bring our cars there due to the service provided by these guys!!

10 / 10

Nissan Tiida Purchase | 03/08/2015

Girish was very helpful and had a good knowledge of the vehicles, was well mannered and respectful. He made suggestions, but did not have a pushy manner, gave is space to talk over and make decisions, which I appreciated. The overall presentation of the business and personnel was good.

10 / 10

Toyota Landcruiser Prado Service | 03/08/2015

My third service since purchasing my Prado, and the first with Jarvis Toyota, and this is the best treatment I have had. Very professional and friendly when I booked the service, great when I arrived and had everything explained and exactly the same level of care when I picked it up again. Good job Jarvis.

10 / 10

Subaru Impreza Service | 03/08/2015

I had my car serviced on Tuesday. The staff there are always very friendly, helpful and very professional. The car was ready when stated. I definitely appreciated the courtesy lift home, when delivering my vehicle. The car was also cleaned inside and out, which is a very nice touch. This is done anytime the vehicle is delivered for any work or maintenance. Thank you to all at the Jarvis Clovelly Park!

10 / 10

Subaru Outback Purchase | 31/07/2015

I must say Fab Di Biase was so very helpful when I was first considering a new car, and that was 12 months ago. So I sought him out again after much shopping around, and it was his knowledge and honest recommendation for Subaru, that resulted in me choosing an Outback.
He took me driving in his own car and explained everything before I made up my mind. I was also introduced to the General manager Anthony who gave me a really great deal. My new car was immaculate and was centre stage of the show room under the spot lights when I arrived to pick it up, and everyone was congratulating me, shaking my hand and admiring my car, I felt very special. Fab has called me to see how I am finding my Outback, and has offered any amount of help if I need it. Especially seeing it has many fabulous features that I must get used to.
I was taken to meet the service people and shown where to go for my services. Quite exceptional public relations in this day where it is often the sale only that matters. I could not be happier with my first Subaru and the service received. Congratulations Tanunda Jarvis Subaru..

10 / 10

Ford Territory Service | 31/07/2015

Bought a secondhand Ford Territory car and was a bit cautious about going through the dealer but my experience was all positive. Simon was most helpful, my car feels awesome, and was also washed! Hubby was happy with the service he received when he picked up and dropped off the car and was very happy with the loan car. Thanks.

10 / 10

Subaru XV Purchase | 30/07/2015

From the moment we met James, until the time we drove out the door with our new Subaru XV, he treated us with the utmost consideration, respect and professionalism. I have never experienced such outstanding service in dealing with car purchases.

We initially agreed to come in for a test drive on Saturday, following collection of my Forester from the service department. In the meantime, I had spoken to another Subaru dealer and obtained, what I considered an excellent price. I called James to inform him that we intended to cancel our booking to test drive a car with him, and instead go down to your competitor, where our family has previously purchased Subarus.

I was wondering how James would handle this dilemma. James was very personable and really just seemed disappointed and continued to talk with me about how he could obtain our business. I was impressed at his maturity and insight and his lack of pressure. In the end, he offered a better deal, so I cancelled the test drive with your competitor, much to James's delight.

On the other hand, it took two tense and unpleasant calls to extricate myself from your competitor, firstly with the salesman, then with his manager. I was most unimpressed and it highlighted the dramatic difference and superiority of the Jarvis ethical approach to customer service. My wife and I were totally delighted with our excellent experience with James, and then subsequently with Monique, who was equally helpful and friendly.

These two are definitely outstanding staff, who should be retained at all costs.

10 / 10

Isuzu D-Max Purchase | 30/07/2015

Buying a car for most people is an experience they both like and dislike. Getting their new purchase is exciting for most but dealing with the sales process can be frustrating and many dread it. Well welcome to Jarvis @ Barossa. The whole Sales Team went all out to deliver and then even went further when a delivery could not be made in the time frame discussed. The delivery issue was NOT for want of trying on their part. Either way the Isuzu D-Max was the second car we purchased from Jarvis @ Barossa in as many days. The first experience was great and then when we found they had another vehicle (just delivered) that fitted our needs we purchased again. I would recommend to anyone.

9 / 10

Subaru Forester Service | 30/07/2015

I received excellent service from the Tanunda facility. Friendly, professional service with real customer empathy. Congratulations to the service desk and the workshop manager.

9 / 10

Ford Performance Vehicles Super Pursuit Purchase | 30/07/2015

Was a very enjoyable experience from everyone we dealt with and talked to. Would highly recommend to anyone to deal with the Jarvis group.

10 / 10

Toyota Camry Purchase | 29/07/2015

The staff were friendly and helpful. They were willing to negotiate a little. The minor faults were fixed without any hassle. I was surprised to get a follow up call the next day. I thought that was good. They gave me a full tank of petrol.

10 / 10

Ford Ranger Purchase | 29/07/2015

The sales representative Mr Greg Pett was amazing and nothing was too much trouble for him. All the additional extras and options were arranged with ease and the experience was very enjoyable.

10 / 10