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Jarvis Tyre Shop - for all your 4x4 & SUV tyres needs

Jarvis Tyre Shop offers a full range of 4x4 and SUV tyre fitting services, including fitting and balancing, wheel alignment and puncture repairs. As a registered tyre dealer, Jarvis Tyre Shop has all the popular 4x4 & SUV models covered, like Landcruiser, Territory, RAV4, Forester, Tribeca, Escape, Kluger, Outlander, Patrol, Pajero, CRV,, Terracan, CX-7, CX-9, X-Trail, Prado and many more. If we don't have your model or tyre size listed, contact us and we'll source it for you.

215/60R16 - Suits Forester, Outback

(Price includes fitting and balancing)Yokohama Geolander 215/60R16 94H


Yokohama's G900 exhibits the ideal blend of comfort and on-road/off-road ability to suit a multitude of family SUVs. It is appropriate across the broad spectrum of Australian road conditions and climates.

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  • Factory fitted original equipment tyre for Subaru Outbacks and Foresters.
  • Price includes fitting and balancing

235/60R17 - Suits Territory

(Price includes fitting and balancing)Goodyear Integrity 235/60R17 (Suits Territory RWD) 102H


The Goodyear Integrity is engineered to perform unlike any other 4WD tyre. You'll enjoy exceptional handling on most driving surfaces, with outstanding performance in the wet. Fitted exclusively as original equipment to the Ford Territory Rear-Wheel Drive it's a great choice for 4WD owners.

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  • High percentage silica compound significantly improves wet performance Retains strong mileage Improves fuel economy
  • Spiral overlay construction improves steering response and braking efficiency
  • Specially developed cavity shape gives stronger cornering and highway speed stability
  • Price includes fitting and balancing

(Price includes fitting and balancing)Goodyear Fortera 235/60R17 (Suits Territory AWD) 102H


Developed to suit Australia's varied road conditions, the Goodyear Fortera is fitted exclusively as original equipment to the Ford Territory All-Wheel Drive. The features of this 4WD tyre make it an integral part of the Territory's overall balance and handling, both on and off sealed surfaces.

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  • Body protrusions provide impressive traction in sand and mud
  • High strength body plies deliver better resistance to punctures in off-road conditions
  • High percentage silica compound ensures outstanding traction and shorter braking distances in wet conditions
  • Price includes fitting and balancing

215/45R17 - Suits Liberty (up to 2008)

(Price includes fitting and balancing)Bridgestone Adrenalin 215/45R17 91W


Satisfy the sports driver in you with the next-generation Adrenalin. With outstanding performance, unbelievable cornering and improved traction in the wet and the dry, the RE002 gives you that exceptional feeling of being in harmony with the road.

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  • Asymmetrical tread provides balance for wet and dry grip
  • Specially designed to reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel economy
  • 2 steel belts provide a high level of durability
  • Price includes fitting and balancing

225/65R17 -

(Price includes fitting and balancing)Bridgestone Dueller D687 225/65R17 101H


The Dueler H/T D687 is a highway terrain tyre for recreational vehicles and is an original equipment (OE) tyre on a range of popular recreational vehicles, such as Toyota RAV4, Mazda Tribute and Subaru Forester

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  • Unique tread pattern gives excellent handling stability and 'sedan-like' comfort
  • Superior dry and wet road performance without sacrificing riding comfort
  • Price includes fitting and balancing

*Subject to availability of tyres. Further discounts, e.g. seniors card are not available with these offers.


Quality Assured

Quality Endorsed

All Jarvis Service Departments are Quality Assured.

What does this mean to our customers? Put simply, to achieve Quality Assurance Jarvis is regularly audited and has to demonstrate that it is meeting and maintaining a high set of world standards for quality.

These standards not only apply to our personnel and the processes that we have in place, they also extend to our equipment. As a result, all of the service and diagnostic equipment we use to assess the performance of your vehicle is regularly calibrated so that it performs to optimum levels and provides true and correct data readings of your vehicle. This means we can service your car knowing exactly what must be done.

Organisations which are not Quality Assured may not have a regular calibration schedule for their equipment. This could result in inaccurate readings being made which, in turn, could lead to incorrect diagnosis of a vehicle's peformance and service requirements.

Being Quality Assured is a large commitment on the part of any business. The standards we must maintain to retain the Quality Assured tick of approval provides real peace of mind for our customers and also means we are providing the highest quality of service.

RAA Approved Repairer

RAA Approved Repairer

The RAA strongly recommends the services of RAA Approved Mechanical Repairers... and at Jarvis, all our service locations are RAA Approved Mechanical Repairers!

You don’t have to be an RAA Member to have your car serviced at an RAA Approved Mechanical Repairer, but knowing that Jarvis Service Centres are RAA Approved will give you real peace of mind. This is because to be an RAA Approved Repairer, Jarvis Service Centres must guarantee workmanship, maintain a fair pricing policy and agree to follow the RAA Code of Practice for their car service category.

Read more about Jarvis as an RAA Approved Repairer

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